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The Men’s Senior Baseball League (MSBL)/Men’s Adult Baseball League (MABL) is the premier amateur baseball league for adults 18 years of age and older. Founded in 1988, it is the fastest-growing adult baseball organization in the country. The league has 325 local affiliates, 3,200 teams and 45,000 members who play organized amateur baseball in local leagues, 30 regional tournaments and six national tournaments. Both the MSBL and the MABL plan to expand by establishing local affiliates in communities where programs do not exist, and also by welcoming existing amateur hardball leagues to affiliate. The MSBL is poised to reach 50,000 members in the very near future. If you are an MSBL member you are part of something great! Don’t settle for anything less.


When discerning ballplayers of all skill levels seek an alternative to Softball, they almost always find their way to becoming an MSBL member. The MSBL brand means you are guaranteed to have the best possible baseball experience and while enjoying playing America’s favorite pastime at whatever skill level or whatever age group be it 18 and over, 55 and over and everywhere in between. Staffed at the national level by a professional team of seasoned baseball veterans and throughout the nation by top notch local league leadership, MSBL’s baseball model delivers consistency, reliability and sustainability worthy of your association. We regularly hear from players who come to MSBL, from less structured organizations, and say they always make MSBL their first choice for real baseball, year after year. The MSBL/MABL is committed to providing the player who is age 18 & over, 25 & over, 35 & over, 45 & over and 55 & over the opportunity to play real baseball at a competitive level on a regular basis in a professionally run environment.

We also keep you informed on what is going on within the MSBL and baseball community with daily updates on our national website and our Facebook and Twitter pages.  You will always be kept in the loop.

Where can I find MSBL?

MSBL is in every major market in the US: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, St. Louis, San Francisco, Washington DC and more all have established leagues and most are over 20 years old. MSBL is also played in Puerto Rico and abroad including the Netherlands and Australia. MSBL’s National Headquarters is located at 1 Huntington Quadrangle, Suite 3N07, Melville, NY 11747. You can find a league in your area using our search engine or if want to start a league simply write us at info@msblnational.com.

Benefits of membership

You can find a full list of league, team and individual benefits on our website. (Click here to view) Besides the camaraderie and great friendships established, MSBL members enjoy discounts on products and services they can use for both their baseball and personal needs. Most players can easily recoup the cost of playing by leveraging the discounts each is afforded as a league member. Some leagues opt for secondary medical insurance as well which can come in really handy as playing sports sometimes comes with "sports-related” injuries and you find your personal coverage is not meeting needs. MSBL’s offered insurance plans cannot be matched for price or coverage .

Benefits of running a league

Local leagues also benefit with low cost liability insurance, baseballs, equipment and other costs that comes with MSBL’s reputation and buying power. By establishing long-term working relationships for the use of high school, college and municipal fields, the MSBL/MABL plays a constructive role in maintaining the fields that it uses. In addition, it involves its’ members in activities to support the baseball programs of the schools with which it works. MSBL’s logo can often be the difference between gaining the use of a baseball complex and getting the cold shoulder due to the lack of having the reputation of a top-notch nationally recognized leader in amateur sports. Leagues also can leverage their national clout to secure sponsorships. Packages are available to help you secure sponsors.

Sounds Expensive

Unlike many sports that involve significant financial commitments of $500, $600 or more a season, most leagues around the US can field a team for less than $15 per player per game, some even less. Most leagues play around 20 games a season plus playoffs. Players still find time for families as well as other fit and healthy life-styles activities. MSBL offers the oldest and most respected organization for your baseball investment.

Your membership also makes you eligible to play in Regional and National Tournaments. The MSBL/MABL World Series and Fall Classic take place every October/November in Arizona and Florida, respectively, playing exclusively on MLB Spring Training fields and stadiums. The MSBL/MABL World Series annually hosts over 320 teams playing in 30 separate divisions. There are two tournaments held over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend in January, the MSBL/MABL Holiday Classic which is held in Osceola, Florida, at stadium and auxiliary fields and the Desert Classic which takes place in Palm Springs, California and attracts 60-65 teams each year.

The Las Vegas Kickoff Classic, held in early-mid March, has become one of our most highly attended tournaments. Aside from the many regional tournaments held over Memorial Day, the Las Vegas Open is another national tournament which attracts  50 teams each year. Our national tournaments hosted a total of 650 teams in 2016 making them the largest amateur baseball tournaments in the world.

Media Attention

MSBL/MABL has been featured in over 600 local radio, T.V. and newspaper accounts and has reached national prominence with major articles in Sports Illustrated, Sport, Baseball America, USA Today, Sporting News and the US News and World Report. In addition, MSBL/MABL has been in the spotlight on broadcasts of the Today Show and Good Morning America. One of the foremost articles featuring MSBL appeared in Cigar Afficionado. (Click here to read)

MSBL’s Future

In 2017, MSBL is taking it to a new level as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary. MSBL promises to remain the destination for adults still interested in playing the "great game”. Members will experience many more benefits in the coming years and enjoy an updated on-line experience and other innovations.

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