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    Dennis Clancy

    I had the privilege of catching Danny's no-hitter in the 2012 Desert Classic. I can affirm that he is a freakishly effective pitcher and an absolute physical marvel on the mound. Being his battery-mate is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had in baseball.

    Dave Howard

    Having both faced Danny as a hitter and been his catcher I can tell you that Danny is a true pitcher. Most guys are throwers but Danny is a pitcher. His mental side of pitching is as strong or stronger than his physical approach to the game. Im so glad to be on his team more times than against him. One other thing that Danny has that makes me look up to him. He is one of the truly nicest human beings I have ever met. Take time to know him if you see him. Your life will be better for having done so!

    Alan Landes

    Danny has taught my son how to throw a ball and how to pitch. I tried for 6 years and there was still a glitch I could not fix. After a dozen pitching lessons a true miracle was wrought and Ryan is an ace pitcher as a junior in high school who might just play college ball. He is truly a talented athlete and a remarkable individual. I hope those at American Leadeship Academy realize the treasure they have with him as head coach. He will be the person that many of the players will look back on throughout their lives with great fondness and very positive memories. Good luck Danny--your live is a blessing for us (except for those opposing batters).

    andy montgomery

    Danny is one amazing pitcher its not to late for the Bigs!

    Elaine Pawelek Spurgeon

    Wow I had no idea my brother was so talented. I have known all my life that he loves baseball but apparently it is more than love, I suppose it is life, eat, breathe, sleep, do! Good for you! Elaine

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