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MSBL Facebook Update September 2016

By Wes Thomas, Social Media Director

September has been a good month for us. When I last reported to you in August we had a good number of 82,665 reaches. In the same period of time/days for September we had 96,141 reaches.  We averaged 4,646 reaches per day with our material and our likes have increased from 6,203 to 6,310, or 107 more likes for this month. We average 3.82 likes per day, which is phenomenal growth

You have responded that you enjoy our videos and they still remain our most popular posts. We had 33,970 posts, shares, comments, or likes on them compared to the 22,000 the previous month. Once again, many of these were shared and spread to different web sites, Facebook, and Twitter pages.  Because of the number of new likes we are getting, our videos are showing up in many different places and introducing people to our page. These new fans are in turn "liking" it so we are increasing our presence rather dramatically.

Our MSBL World Series and Fall Classic are right around the corner and we will be keeping you updated, along with our Twitter presence in Arizona.  You can go there for immediate game changes and information, rain delay considerations, traffic updates or anything else that needs your immediate attention.  We’ll have more about that soon.

The World Series Daily News, as produced by tournament director Tom Prendergast every day of the tournament, will once again be available for reviewing every morning on Facebook and the national website.  Between Facebook, Twitter and the national website we will keep you up to date day to day and minute by minute.  Thank you for your support!

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