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MSBL Veteran Rob Sherwin Speaks at Baseball Hall of Fame

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

In March of this year MSBL posted a story about Rob Sherwin, son of long-time MSBL veteran Bob Sherwin, being asked by the National Baseball Hall of Fame to take part in their annual symposium on Baseball and American Culture, June 1-3 in Cooperstown.  We are now following up with comments and pictures from the event. 

Rob Sherwin is a law professor at Texas Tech University Law School.  Rob has played in the Father/Son Division of the MSBL World Series every year since 1998 and together with father Bob, the LA Athletics have won seven championships.  Rob lives in Lubbock, Texas and the legacy of playing with dad and the Athletics are very special to him.

Rob is the Director of the Trial Advocacy Program for the law school and at the first of the year he submitted a proposal to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown entitled "The Tie Goes to the Runner: A Legal Statutory Analysis of Baseball Rules” for a panel discussion to be given in June at their annual symposium on Baseball and American Culture.  He was accepted.

"Speaking at the Hall of Fame was one of the highlights of my career and something I’ll never forget," Rob explained. "One of the things that made it so special was that my wife and parents could be there to see me speak and take in the rest of the symposium. Baseball is the most quintessential of family sports. The MSBL World Series Father-Son tournament is proof of that. So for us to do this as a family made it far more special than just speaking at an ordinary academic conference.”

Proud Papa Bob supplied a few comments for MSBL.

"The presentation was amazing.  There were probably 175 people in attendance over the three day symposium. The speakers were mostly college professors, authors and lawyers, all presenting on various topics that connected to baseball.  Jane Leavy, a well-known author who has written biographies on Sandy Koufax and Mickey Mantle, was the keynote speaker.  I had a blast talking to her about writing both books.

"On Thursday evening, June 2nd, we had a special dinner in the gallery where the HOF plaques are displayed.  I ate dinner under the plaque of one of my favorite players, #1 Pee Wee Reese.

"Of course the entire event was so special for me to be there and watch my son wow the audience with his fascinating presentation. He used a legal analysis to interpret the major league baseball rule on when a batter or runner is out and whether the runner would be safe if there truly is a tie.  He used video clips throughout his presentation including the famous Moupes scene from a Seinfeld episode. There were two lady umpires in attendance, both of whom umpire MSBL games in Arizona.  They didn't necessarily agree with Rob's conclusions but they agreed he made a convincing argument.”

Rob summed up the magical few days."There were so many things at the conference that were unforgettable, eating dinner in the plaque room, seeing a performance of Casey at the Bat, talking with all the other presenters—but one of the most memorable events was the Town Ball game in the park across the street from the Hall of Fame. They play it the way baseball started—with sticks in the ground instead of bases, and a softer ball that the fielders throw at the runner to record an out. My Dad and I were on opposite teams and I got to pitch to him, which was pretty cool.”


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