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Our St. Thomas Friends and Their Families Need Your Help


(Editor's note) Neil Dishman plays in the Detroit MSBL and is a teammate of the St. Thomas Waves, who are regulars in the MSBL World Series in Arizona.  This year the Waves and the other St. Thomas teams won't be making the trip.  Hurricane Irma devastated them back home and they need your help.  Neil forwarded us a plea from his friends in St. Thomas.  We wanted to share it with you as written.

Below is an article a teammate and friend has posted on Facebook.  We are trying to generate support and provide relief for our friends in the US Virgin Islands.  Is this something that can be shared on a National level maybe via Facebook from your site, or the webpage? 

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Neil Dishman


Detroit MSBL and tournament teammate of the WAVES!

By John-Claude Zapinski

A lot of my friends know that I have Played Baseball with the St. Thomas wave US Virgin Island team for almost 15 years.
While the US is consumed with who will be taking a knee or standing before a game played by over privileged adults. They seem to have forgotten about The US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
My friends and many many others are suffering and trying to survive without basic necessities we take for granted every day. I have been in contact with a few of my brothers from St. Thomas and have gathered some addresses that can receive care packages.Steve Parris has given me a list of things that are most crucial.

I am asking for your help.

Neil Dishman and I are going to collect as much as possible and get them to our teammates. Time is of the essence. If you can help please do. Neil has a company located in troy that we will use as a drop off place. him and I will package it up and send it off. Also things can also be dropped off to me, or I can always pick them up.
To those of you that have played with these guys you know how great they are and how much they mean to me.Sean Michael,Jon Michael, Debbie Christie, Aaron Wick, Jason Knoll,Joe Small, Scott MacDonald, Michael J. Miller,Dan Gliot, Nick McIntosh Anthony Agbay, Ryan Ford,Joshua Johnson,Russell Luxton Jr. We have grinded out some championships with these guys, they need us now. If you play Baseball in the Detroit MSBL or SCS MABL, and have played in AZ you probably have played a ST. Thomas team. Michael Juliano

Message me on messenger, or in the comments sec below with any questions.

We are trying to send everything collected out by Early next week. Please help!

I don't mean to sound ungrateful for thoughts and prayers, but liking this post will not help the cause, supplies will.

The address for Teoma Systems -
560 Kirts Blvd., Suite 120
Troy, MI 48084

Open 8am- 5pm M-F
If Neil is not there, everyone has been alerted that items may show up. We have a place set aside for them.
Cash donations will be 100% used to buy Items and help ship them.

Items needed:

Citronella oil
Mosquito coils
Lamp Oil
Portable Radio
D, C, AA, AAA Batteries
Diapers (size 5&6 Huggins little movers or equivalent)
Insect Repellent
Bug Zappers
Solar Fan and Solar Lights

Food wise:

(Anything that can be made with water on an open flame, no electricity)
Caned proteins:
Caned chicken
Canned Tuna
Canned Salmon
Corned Beef
Vienna Sausage
Mac and Cheese
Protein bars
Peanut butter
Gummy Fruit Snacks
And whatever other snacks can be sent

Other thing:
Feminine products
Aspirin / ibuprofen
Duct tape
Most wipes
Water purifying tablets

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