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Pitching Tips -- by Danny Pawelek

Danny Pawelek, seen here pitching for the Salt Lake City Dodgers in the 2010 MSBL Desert Classic, is known for throwing lots of innings. In that 2010 tournament he threw 39 of his team's 48 tournament innings.


MSBL Pitcher offers Tips for Pitching Success -- Danny Pawelek

1. Learn the proper way to grip a baseball

By gripping and throwing a baseball the proper way, you can get a lot of movement on your pitches. That is the first element of successful pitching. Most people can throw hard but don't get a lot of movement on their pitches, but if you get a lot of movement you're off to a good start.

2. Develop good control

It's one thing to get good movement on pitches but if you can't throw strikes it doesn't make a difference. You have to have control of your pitches, you have to locate the ball to different parts of the strike zone.

3. Having good velocity

Throwing two bullpen sessions a week will give you a good start to your season in that you'll have time to work on your mechanics, such as your grip and movement and pitch selection. A good number of pitches for someone who's properly warmed up is a simulation of three innings. An average amount of pitches is between 12-16 per inning after a five pitch warm-up. Playing catch with all your grips for about 15-18 minutes is recommended before every pitching or bullpen day. If possible, long toss a couple times a week is recommended.

Surgical tubing

4. Resistance Excercises for Shoulders and Arms

There are multiple exercises that are beneficial for shoulders and arms. Some players use the "throwers 10" designed specifically for baseball. Many, Pawelek chief among them, recommend using surgical tubing for resistance. It's cheap, fits in your bag, and can be hooked up and used almost anywhere.



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