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Randy Smith and His Bionic Arm!

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Randy Smith is a 31 year old MSBL veteran from California who will be taking the Central Coast Cage Monkeys to this year’s MSBL World Series in Arizona.  They will be competing in the 25-over division. Randy has been playing in various MSBL leagues for about 10 years now.  Randy is a pitcher but his pitching career came to a crashing halt in January of 2013.  His amazing comeback story can best be conveyed in his own words.  His description and some amazing pictures are included below.

"In January of 2013, I was playing in a weeknight league along with a Sunday league. I was a pitcher and have been my entire life.  It was January 7th, a Monday night and it was the third inning…

I threw a curveball and my right arm basically exploded. It was a spiral fracture in my humerous and it took me off the field for a year.  I remember that night I was throwing especially hard for some reason and I believe my form was a little different, which could be the issue.

I was throwing that fateful curveball and I remember that my hand almost touched my ear because I was raring back on the curve trying to torque it pretty good. The doctor says that it was a slight miscommunication between my bicep and my brain which told my bicep to flex just as my arm was torqued.

When it happened it felt and sounded like somebody had walked up and hit me with a bat. I actually thought that was what happened at first. My center fielder said he heard it loud and clear like a wooden bat hitting a ball.

I fell to my knees immediately and my arm fell in my lap. I remember that at first I was screaming "It’s broken, It’s BROKEN!!!” but the shock set in really quick and a few seconds after screaming I was joking and laughing with the guys huddled around me. The pain came back ten-fold in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and then was beyond excruciating when they put me in the sling at the ER.

I am now back on the field and also pitching every once in a while. I am taking the Cage Monkeys to the MSBL World Series this year as well. I can’t throw nearly as fast as I once could, but I developed a knuckleball… I hear they are born out of necessity.  I now live with a 12 inch plate and ten screws in my new bionic arm.”

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