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Scott Susor: Back from the Dead in Houston Hardball League

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Scott Susor plays in the Houston Hardball League.  On April 5thof this year Scott died.  On the field.  During a game.  He is 57 years old.  Umpire Terrence Brown saved Scott’s life.  Brown performed CPR to keep Scott alive after an apparent heart attack. Brown was successful and saved Scott’s life, an event that will obviously bond these two gentlemen forever. Sometimes stories are better served by allowing the main character to discuss the plot.  I have done just that.  Below you will find Scott Susor’s explanation of the events and the people who changed his life forever.

"I am the co-founder of the Houston Senior Baseball Association (back in June 1990), which later joined MSBL and is now known as the Houston Hardball League.  On April 5th of this year I died of a heart attack on the baseball field during a game.  I had just pitched the first inning, walked back to the bench, sat down ... and fell forward.  I was told all of this because my memory stops about a half hour before it happened.  CPR, then seven shocks and five epi’s into the heart followed and I came back while in the bus on the way to the hospital.  I was dead for 45 minutes. 

Six days later I had triple bypass surgery.  They told me the rest of my heart looked great but the arteries going in were just too small and got blocked.  So they took a vein from my left leg and made three nice new big arteries into my heart.  I was told I could go back to baseball in 90 days so I returned to play my first game back on Sunday, July 10th.

For a little background information, I play for the Hombres in the 55+ division and the Cardinals in the 40’s.  I have been to Phoenix several times for the MSBL World Series.  We sent our first team there back in 1991 and I was part of that team, named the Houston Buffs.  I was last there in 2014 when I played with the Houston Angels.  A few years ago, one of my teammates who came to Houston fromBoise, Idaho asked if I would go to Phoenix with his former team because they needed a catcher.  I went two years with them.  I’ve also played with the Houston A’z a couple times in Phoenix.

I play third base, first base, catch and I pitch occasionally.  I used to pitch a lot but in the last few years I’ve played mostly third and caught

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all players to have their heart checked, even the younger ones who don’t normally think about it.  My surgeon told me that because my arteries were too small, it was genetic (both my parents had heart problems, but neither actually died from a heart attack), and this could have happened when I was 25 or 35 or 45.  I know that about 20 guys just in our league got their hearts checked after they heard about what happened to me.  Also, everyone should learn CPR.  It was the umpire, Terence Brown, who did the CPR that saved my life.  He’s also the head football coach at Davis High School here in Houston

Terrence and I had a reunion recently.  I wanted to thank him for saving my life.  It was done at a reunion of all the people who were involved in keeping me alive from HFD Station’s 5 and 50.  Terrence literally kept me alive until EMS crews could get there.  (Click on the picture of Scott and Terrence above to see the video of their reunion as shown on channel 2 in Houston.)

I’m a walking, talking MIRACLE!  The docs told me that only 7% of people who have a "Widow Maker” heart attack like mine survive and only 7% of those have no lasting after effects – and I’ve had none.  Another outcome of this is that all Houston umpires are now going to be required to take a CPR class.  I hope other MSBL leagues can adopt this requirement, too. Terence took his course 18 years ago and never needed to utilize it until April 5, 2016.

I was pitching for the Cardinals when the heart attack happened.  This picture (left) was taken the night I returned to watch the Cardinals game.  You can see the "LifeVest” monitor I had to wear for 90 days after surgery.  The monitor has never detected any problems so it went away on July 15th.  I took it off to play on July 10th, with my doctor’s OK.  Thank you Terrence Brown!"

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