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TheraGun G1 Muscle Recovery System

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications


Muscle recovery has become a staple in sports, exercise and medicine.

Dr. Jason Wersland created the TheraGun (patent pending) for professionals looking for superior muscle therapy to improve recovery and wellness. It is a lightweight, easy to use, battery operated muscle management device, specifically designed for sports trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors and doctors as a more effective way to heal their patients. Additionally, athletes can use it on themselves.  (Click on Dykstra picture below to be see a demonstration)
Research has shown that muscle treatment leads to faster recovery from injuries and better overall performance. The TheraGun G1 was invented to accelerate the muscular recovery process through rapid and rhythmic relief to all parts of the body. The TheraGun's specific vibration stimulation provides a unique and more effective approach to muscle treatment.


  • Reduces pain
  • Makes rehabilitation faster
  • Increases blood flow
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Decreases lactic acid
  • Increases lymphatic flow
  • Restores normal function
  • Release muscle spasms

Dr. Jason S. Wersland is the Founder and Head of Performance Development (inventor) for TheraGun, based in Los Angeles, California.  "I have been working on the concept and production of the TheraGun G1 since 2008,” explained Wersland. "During that time I developed five different prototypes as I fine-tuned the final product you see today on the NFL sidelines and in numerous professional team’s clubhouses, locker rooms and more.” 

Cutter Dykstra, son of former MLB superstar Lenny Dykstra, is a nine year professional baseball player and a member of the ‘Elite Gunners’, an exclusive group of professional athletes and trainers who are ambassadors for their sport or profession. 

"I first met Cutter Dykstra through working with his wife Jamie,” said Wersland. "After a few sessions Cutter became very interested in our product and the brand, which led to him meeting with our president in New York to discuss ways to work together. Additionally, we are in discussions to work with Cutter around the MLB Winter Meetings and Spring Training 2017.”

Final thoughts?  "As a chiropractor the first thing it does is save my hands. It's so light and easy to use. The TheraGun G1 accelerates healing, decreases pain, loosens scar tissue, increases blood flow, recharges the nervous system and gives you an overall sense of well being. As Cutter says, "It’s a game-changer.”

Here are some testimonials for your review:  https://theragun.com/pages/testimonials

To find out more about the TheraGun G1 or to contact them:




Instagram: @TheraGun


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