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  • Syracuse MSBL 2011 LEAGUE ROUNDUP
    League Website: http://www.Syracusemsbl.net
    League President: Owen Donovan
    League City: Syracuse
    State: NY
    Year Founded: 1988

    Season Highlights

    2011 Season was once again hampered by weather, with many teams not playing a full schedule.

    As can be seen by the Final Standings, it was a very competitive league with the regular season champ and playoff pairings not decided until the last week of season.
    The upstart seventh seeded Phillies played well in playoffs to face the defending champion Brewers, for the MSBL Kesselring Cup. The playoff Cup was renamed after Bob Kesselring, the longtime Swamper Manager one of the league founders, who passed away last year.
    The Brewers swept the slipper off the Phillies 15-4, 10-4. in the Championship Round played at Alliance Bank Stadium.
    MSBL Kesselring Cup Winners:

    1988 – Swampers 2000 - Chiefs
    1989 – Chiefs 2001 - Mash
    1990 – Chiefs 2002 - Mash
    1991 – Cubs 2003 – Mash
    1992 – Giants 2004 - Wizards
    1993 – Giants 2005 - Indians
    1994 – Westies 2006 - Braves
    1995 – Chiefs 2007 - Reds
    1996 – Mash 2008 - Reds
    1997 – Chiefs 2009 - Reds
    1998 – Mash 2010 - Brewers
    1999 – Indians 2011 – Brewers

    Rob Allen, manager of the Brewers, also won the First Annual Home Run Derby.
    Thanks to all the Managers who help make the season go.
    Bombers – Dave Disinger; Brewers – Rob Allen; Chiefs – Bernie Beck; Dirty Jays – Ryan Abbott; Mariners – David Gay, Craig Gilmore; Phillies – Gene Tarquinio; Pirates – Tony Marsala; Reds – Gregg Earl; Swampers – Rico Fernandez; Yankees – Dan Barrett.

    Final Standings Prior to Playoffs

    Syracuse MSBL Over 25 WL T
    Dirty Jays950

    Championship Game Results

    Syracuse MSBL Over 25RHE

    Winning Pitcher:  

    Losing Pitcher:  

    Home Runs:  

    Stat Leaders

    MSBL Kesselring Cup 2011

    MSBL Kesselring Cup 2011 - Champion Brewers

    MSBL Kesselring Cup 2011 - Syracuse MSBL President, Owen Donovan, with opposing Championship Managers Gene Tarquinio, Phillies and Rob Allen, Brewers

    MSBL Kesselring Cup 2011 National An them - Alliance Bank Stadium - Brewers

    MSBL Kesselring Cup 2011 National Anthem - Phillies

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