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  • Jacksonville 'Jamboree' this weekend!

    Southeast Region

    By Steve LaMontia, Executive Regional Director

    The Jacksonville MABL is hosting a Jamboree this weekend to kick-off their season and bring everyone together before the start of the 2014 competition for a little baseball and plenty of fun.  The enclosed information was obtained from their website.   

    Mar 26, 2014

    On Saturday, April 12th, 2014, we will be hosting our first annual opening day jamboree at Rondette Park. This will be a chance to celebrate the upcoming season and for members of the league to get a chance to meet all of the teams.

    Each team will play two 3 inning baseball games while grilling out and socializing throughout the day. Bring out your families and watch the quality baseball offered by theJacksonville MABL.

    2014 Inaugural Jacksonville Pre-Season Opening Day Jamboree Rules and Regulations

    1. Each team will play two 3 inning "games” with a 45 minute time limit. Remember this is an exhibition, and please treat the "games” accordingly.

    2. Please have your players ready to go by the scheduled time

    3. Please provide 4 regulation games balls (2 for each game)

    4. Be prepared to transition quickly. Have your first pitcher ready to go before you start the game. This goes for position players as well. There are plenty of places to throw before you walk onto the field. Lineups can be exchanged before you walk onto the field.

    5. Have players leave the majority of their personal gear in a spot that your team chooses to use as a "base.” This will help with transitions.

    5A. Gear that is reasonable: gloves, batting gloves, team or personal helmets, bats, the catcher’s gear, personal water etc.

    5B. More or less prohibited gear: Large coolers (playing 3 innings, and you can walk to your " base”, grills, anything that is going to take a long time to move.

    6. Score should be kept

    7. If you do not have the correct number of players, there will be plenty to borrow from. You may not borrow pitchers or catchers from other teams per league rules

    8. Bring a grill, coolers, etc. Think along the lines of family picnic with baseball thrown in.

    9. Keep the profanity down to a minimum, there will be families at this event.

    10. Socialize and promote the league, and above all else, have a good time!

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