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  • Sacramento Men's Baseball League Members Play in San Quentin Prison


    Submitted by Alan Van Ness, Sacramento Men’s Baseball League President

    Three Dragons and a bunch of Generals from Sacramento took the field against the inmates at San Quentin prison in a double-header recently.  The event was definitely an experience you would never forget. It’s also a place you never want to end up. The game was on an all dirt infield with burnt out outfield grass and played in the middle of"The Yard”.  The inmates were very thankful to see outside life come into the prison to play baseball.

    As we experience in our own leagues throughout the country, we play against and with all walks of life. In there they may have made mistakes in life that they are now paying for but on the baseball field we are all the same. The sportsmanship was impressive to say the least.  I was nicknamed "OG” and had fun talking it up while playing first base in game one. I then pitched and threw many knuckle balls in game two while ribbing them a bit and making it fun.  The talent was both sloppy at times and excellent at others for both teams.  

    On the Sacramento side we issued an abundance of walks that probably cost us game one and ended up losing 15-10. The nine inning game was about 3 ½ hours long. The Generals and Dragons left the prison for lunch and came back for a 5:00 PM start of game two. In the nightcap I was pitching and throwing strikes and the game was much closer after three innings, with the score being 1-0 them. They scored their run on an error. Then the excitement started. 

    There was a fight in the yard and all inmates had to get down on the ground as the guards secured the area. This stopped the game and the prison recalled all inmates and the day came to an abrupt end. They were still permitted to shake our hands and they thanked us for coming out and hoped we would return again someday. I would definitely recommend other teams from MSBL looking into playing and experiencing this game. The SMSBL also donated a dozen baseballs and a Maple bat. 

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