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  • MSBL Welcomes New League Presidents for 2016

    Glory Days MSBL, Forked River, NJ

    Matt Madensky

    "I joined Glory Days Baseball on its first day in June 2011. I saw a poster at the post office and got very excited, as I had not played since high school.  I have been involved behind the scenes since 2012. I was asked for my opinion on matters for a few years before we got an executive board together. I served two seasons as Vice President before being appointed to President this season.  I was very happy to be put in a position to help keep our league going strong for years to come. I’m entering my second season on the Glory Days Pirates, sixth overall in the league. I had gastric sleeve surgery this past off season and have lost 150 pounds thus far so I’m excited to return to first base and third base, as I’ve only been a DH for the past few seasons." - Matt  


    Charleston MSBL/MABL, Charleston, SC

    Travis Outlaw

    "I was born in Warner Robins, Georgia and currently live in Charleston, South Carolina.  I have been married for 15 years and have a 13 year old son.  I am an IT professional and a member of the South Carolina Air Force National Guard.

    I have been involved with the MABL since 1995 while playing in the Las Vegas MSBL from 1995 through 2004.  I became a part of the Charleston MABL in 2005.  I have been a team manager since 2006 and my team has made it to six league championships and won three.  I was vice president from 2009 through 2011.

    After playing in high school and not getting an opportunity to play college baseball, I was drawn to play in competitive amateur baseball leagues and have been playing in adult baseball leagues since 1994.  I felt compelled to pick up the torch when there became a vacancy for the presidency and am committed to carrying on the legacy of the Charleston MABL, which has provided the Charleston area with a high level of competitive amateur baseball since 1992." - Travis


    Memphis MSBL, Memphis TN

    Eddie Byrd

    "I have been playing in the MSBL since 1990 starting in the Washington DC Metro League from 1990-1994 for the Arlington Senators.  I have been playing in Memphis since 1995 making 2016 my 27th consecutive season.  I have been the Treasurer in the Memphis MSBL for the most of the last 15 years.  I am a former college player from Florida A&M University." - Eddie


    Vermont North MSBL, Northern Vermont

    Tom Beauregard 

    "I have been the manager of the Middlebury Woodchucks since our creation in 2011. I was elected president this past January, after our then President Sal Spinosa stepped down.  I was very honored to receive the nomination and approval vote from my fellow managers. I consider the appointment the highest compliment from my peers.  We are all excited to get back to action on May 1st." - Tom

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