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Central North Carolina Introduces Unique All-Star Game Format


Submitted by Rob Isbell, CNCMSBL 50+ League President

The Central North Carolina Men’s Senior Baseball League (CNCMSBL) 50 + division held their All Star Game on July 15th at Holly Springs High School. This year’s format was unique to any other all-star game in that representatives from each team were allowed to compete with the other teams. With five teams in the league it was decided that each team would select five members to represent their team and they would compete in a round robin type contest.

A pre-determined pitching and catching rotation was developed and posted so that the transition between innings was smooth and efficient.  Twelve different pitchers were used for the game spreading the load amongst all five teams. No pitcher threw more than two innings.

Each team of five were allowed to bat until they got three outs at which point another team would come in to bat while pitchers and the defense were rotated. 

This was continued until each team had batted three times (for a total of 15 half-innings).

Like many all-star games, this contest was dominated by good pitching and great defensive play. The Fayetteville Mets and the Holly Springs Senators ended up tying with three runs each.

The MVP of the game was Rob Woods, player/manager of the Raleigh Red Sox, due to a double-robbing backhanded play at third base.

Representing the Fayetteville Mets were: Larry Bowstring, Terry Johnson, Izzy Rodriguez, Allen Byrne and Eddie Vega.

Representing the Holly Springs Senators were: Rob Isbell (Manager of Senators), William Garner, Mark Simpson, Jeff Moore and Dave DiMartino.

Representing the Burlington Giants were: Jimmy Chrisco, Ron Russo, Jeff Pate, Bob Patterson (Giants Manager) and Mike Faircloth.

Representing the Raleigh Red Sox were: Rob Woods (MVP and Red Sox Manager), Ron Daniel, Bob Musser, Mitch Rosen and Rich Vincent.

Representing the Smithfield Reds were: Randy Batten, Gene Shackley, Robo Poole (Reds Manager), Mark Radcliff and Rick French.

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