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MSBL World Series Hall of Fame Inductee: Ray Newman, Sacramento

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Ray Newmanis 83 years ‘young.’  Why is this important? Because he plays with the energy and efficiency of someone who is decades younger and Ray has the pedigree to prove it.

Ray plays in the Sacramento Men’s Baseball League, a spot he has called home since 1993, while playing ‘down’ in the 70-over division with the Sacramento Solons.  This retired Allstate agent is still roaming the outfield and has been a fixture at the MSBL World Series for the past 25 years.  Ray’s longevity and trail of success are the main ingredients why MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler has inducted Ray into the 2017 class of the MSBL World Series Hall of Fame.

"I feel very blessed to have been able to play for as long as I have, especially in Arizona at the World Series,” said Newman.  "I have 16 rings for my efforts and have been in maybe 20 or 21 championship games out of the 25 years.  I’ll be there this year, too!”

Ray has been married for an amazing 63 years and has five kids who root, root, root for the home team.  Diana, Doris, Denise, Ray Jr. and Roy have followed dad around for many decades.  "Without a doubt my biggest fan now is my daughter Diana.  I’d be lost without her keeping me going.”

Ray played for two years in the minors for the Red Sox and has accumulated plenty of awards along the way to go with his most recent achievement into our Hall of Fame.  "I was inducted into the LeSalle Hall of Fame in 2005, the Sacramento Men’s Baseball League Hall of Fame in 2007 and the Mexican-American League Hall of Fame in 2016,” said Ray.  "This award is the cherry on top.  This is the biggest highlight of my baseball career.”

"I would like to thank my wife Jerlean for helping my baseball career along.  Though she is with me in spirit only now, she was always my biggest supporter.  I want to share this award with her.”

Ray will be managing the 70-over Solons this year at the World Series, something he has done only five times over the years.  He has been playing with the Solons and the San Diego Padres in the 50’s, 60’s, 65’s and 70’s divisions.  "I have come full circle in my World Series career.  But this is definitely the icing on the cake.  Thank you!”

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