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Pro Bats Yankees Claim Title in Chautauqua (NY) MSBL

Chautauqua MSBL

Pro Bats Yankees Regular League Champions

Submitted by Charlie LaDuca, Yankees manager

The Pro Bats Yankees have come full circle winning the league title in 2016 with a 12-3 record.  The Yanks were one of four original...

Standing L-R: Jake McCune, Joe Pantano, Al Carmello, Rich Hofer, Jason Howard, Matt Pantano, Stony Woodard, Justyn Vara, Steve Pantano. Kneeling L-R: Johner McCune, Brian Bongiovanni, Evan Carmello, Matt Eaker, Charlie LaDuca, Winston Woodard Jr. Missing:Brent Carmello, Bill Shaw                                 

...teams when the league was founded in 1993 by Charlie LaDuca, who continues to play.  It has been several years since the Yankees dominated the league in its early stages.  Many players have come and gone over the years.  Four years ago the Yankees re-organized as a father/son team, and with permission from the league, competed using father/son national rules.

The heart of the team this year was the father/son combination of the Pantano’s and Carmello’s,  outstanding fathers with two outstanding sons each.  This core six was the foundation of our success.  They were joined by the Woodards and McCunes, long time players for the Yankees who stepped it up a notch this year and had an outstanding season.

Last year the Fathers officially handed the pitching duties over to two fine young pitchers.  Brian Bongiovanni and Matt Eaker handled most of the mound work combining for ten of our twelve wins.  The league was very competitive and they were masterful.  Old timers Al Carmello and Charlie LaDuca also picked up a win showing the youngsters that there was still a bit left in the tank.

We posted our best offensive output in several years.  Joe Pantano led the team and league with a stunning .620 batting average.  We faced a very strong pitcher week after week and Joe made it look easy.  Johner McCune, Brian Bongiovanni, Jason Howard and Evan Carmello were big contributors as well. 

Our defense was led by Steve Pantano, the father and the glue that held everything together.  His solid infield play and leadership was a big key to our success.  Another father, Rich Hofer, was one of the best first basemen in the league.  Bill Shaw was our father utility man playing every position on the field as needed, and doing it to perfection.

We are thrilled to have won the League title this year.  The Chautauqua MSBL is going strong and extremely competitive.  We are huddled up trying to stay warm here in the Northeast and look forward to spring and another baseball season.

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