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  • MSBL San Diego Memorial Day Weekend Fun Tournament Results

    Contributed by Jim Teeter, Tournament Director

    The 5th annual MSBL San Diego Memorial Day Weekend Fun Tournament is a 60+ wood bat tournament. Playing doubleheaders over the 3-day weekend and semi-finals and a championship game on Monday, we played on four college diamonds: Grossmont College, San Diego City College, San Diego Mesa College and UCSD. I can't say it went off without a hitch, but we get excellent feedback from our players and managers. In fact many say it's their favorite tournament in the US.

    Teams come mostly from the southwest, including Arizona (1), Northern California (2), Los Angeles (2), New Mexico (3), Texas (1), Utah (1), Washington (1) and San Diego (5).

    2015 Winners were:

    National, Division 1: LA Athletics, Bob Sherwin, mgr.


    National, Division 2: LA Dodgers, Cobe Haskell, mgr.


    American, Division 1: Tri Valley Antiques, Denny Brown, Angelo Crudale, mgrs.


    American, Division 2: San Diego Shaggers, Bill Sturgeon, mgr. 


    Each team awards a Crystal Baseball MVP award, and this year’s winners were:

    Dohrman Sinclair (SLC Dodgers)

    Jim Teeter (SD Padres)

    Dan Wukmir (Tortuga)

    Steve McNeely (Tri Valley Antiques)

    Mark Freeman (San Diego Shaggers)

    Jesus Alvarez (San Diego Heat)

    Tom Ebert (LA Dodgers)

    JF Ernenwein (North County Storm)

    Bob Mele (Paladin USA)

    John Arnold (LA Athletics)

    Mike Tricker (San Diego Mudcats)

    Ron Oates (Arizona Diamondbacks)

    Dale Skinner (Greenwood Ridge Dragons)

    The annual MSBL tournament started out with a hitch. Average rainfall in San Diego for May and June is about 1/10th of an inch; by May 15 we had six times that so there shouldn't be a worry for the weekend, right? But it rained a bit Friday night and drizzled on three of the fields Sunday. Fields were a little muddy. For the first time ever we had to consider weather-contingency plans. How were we going to honor our five-game guarantee? We did get in all our games, though we did have a couple field maintenance issues.

    In the American League round robin division two, the San Diego Shaggers eliminated the Salt Lake City Dodgers handily in game one. Game two was a little more dramatic. The San Diego Padres, formed in ten days when one of the teams dropped from the tournament, had only eight players and added the tournament director to make nine. Leading after four innings 6-0, the Taos Solar Dogs finally awoke and poked away to tie the game in the next two innings, then they scored another six runs to lead in the last inning 12-6. Surprise number two: the Padres scored seven in the bottom of the inning to win in incredible fashion 13-12. In the championship game the Shaggers destroyed the Padres 17-4. In division one the San Antonio Broncos and San Diego Heat crushed all competition and went into the playoffs 4-0, apparently the teams to beat. In the playoffs the Tri Valley Antiques did just that, coming from behind in both playoff games. After a slow start they tamed the Broncos in the semi-finals 15-9. In the championship games against the San Diego Heat, down 7-0 in the final frame, the Antiques scored seven runs to force an extra inning. In that inning they scored twice and beat the Heat with a game-saving defensive play and the bases loaded in the bottom of the inning.

    In the National League Division Two playoffs the LA Dodgers won a pitchers' duel 2-1 in game one over the Seattle Solver Foxes, and in game two the San Diego Mudcats did the same defeating the Paladin USA team 4-2. Who says you can't find enough pitching playing three consecutive doubleheaders? That set up a championship game won by the Dodgers 9-1. Dodgers pitcher Tom Ebert, age 71, won the MVP by pitching 12 of the 14 innings Monday and winning both games. As manager Cobe Haskell stated, "Holy Rubber-armed Geezers."  In Division one the 3-1 Greenwood Ridge Dragons out of Santa Rosa punched out the 3-0-1 North County Storm and the 3-1 LA Athletics defeated the 2-2 Arizona Tribe (aka D’backs), setting up a championship game won by the Athletics 11-6. D’backs catcher Ron Oates caught every inning of all five games to earn an MVP award, as did a number of other catchers, who were the only sweating players on the fields for this cool, mild weekend.

    Players noted that the Rockin' Jenny's sandwiches, accompaniments and homemade brownies made these games better than any little league moms ever did!

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