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Below is the Player Pool list for all of our national tournaments. Contact players directly if you'd like to consider them for your team. Names are automatically removed after each tournament is finished.

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Name Tournament League Position Phone Age Group Email
Woody Hicks Fall Classic OF, 2B, 1B 863-660-5909 50+ whicks@tampabay.rr.com
Rick Burdick Fall Classic OF 504-400-9085 45+ bladez9@aol.com
Bill Burke Fall Classic Long Island MSBL 1B, OF 631-875-4937 50+ wburke7455@optonline.net
Harold Sandoval Fall Classic 1B, OF 782-252-6550 50+ cucuru@aol.com
Greg Garcia Fall Classic Los Angeles MSBL P, 1B, 3B, LF 310-850-9059 35+ geeworm@yahoo.com
Phil Moses Fall Classic Delco MSBL 1B, P, OF 610-666-9774 50+ baseballnutspace@aol.com
Bob Willoughby Fall Classic P, C, 3B, 1B 239-785-7483 55+ ray221gun@yahoo.com
Don Pizzo Fall Classic Delco MSBL 1B, P 484-620-0196 50+ dpizzo22@comcast.net
Jason Svejkovsky Fall Classic Jacksonville MABL P, 1B, OF 904-563-3884 25+ jsvejko@gmail.com
Jason Wyatt Fall Classic Asheville MSBL INF, OF, P 828-316-7112 35+ jwyattentertainment@gmail.com
Mike VanFossen Fall Classic Atlanta MSBL C 770-317-5001 35+/45+ mike_vanfossen@yahoo.com
Joe Helsel Fall Classic Penn-Midstate MSBL OF 50+ joehelsel26@gmail.com
Jack Footland Fall Classic P, OF, 3B, SS, 2B 941-993-7260 25+ jackfootland@ssas.org
Dave Esslinger Fall Classic Atlanta MSBL 3B, P 770-365-4230 45+ esslinger16@aol.com
Bill Sachelari Fall Classic Long Island MSBL OF 732-543-4525 45+ bill4431@yahoo.com
Kieth Duke Fall Classic P, INF 804-814-1569 60+ kduke34@yahoo.com
Greg Stauffer Fall Classic Detroit MSBL DH, 1B, C 505-660-5896 45+ hotelstauffer@gmail.com
Hal Reddick Fall Classic 2B, 1B, 3B, SS 727-638-2425 45+/55+ halegator@hotmail.com
Ivan Pineiro Fall Classic P, OF 787-429-0598 55+ ivan.pineiro30@gmail.com
Ray Shah Fall Classic Long Island MSBL P, OF, C 631-428-9090 50+ rjs142@outlook.com
David Samora Fall Classic INF 602-502-5204 25+ davidsamora9@gmail.com
Todd Taylor Fall Classic Indianapolis MSBL C, 3B, 1B 35+ toddyace@gmail.com
Mike Blankenship Fall Classic P 770-401-0239 55+ mike_enship@yahoo.com
Keith Diorio Fall Classic Atlanta MSBL 3B, OF 404-719-2230 35+ kdporsche01@gmail.com
Mark Inman Fall Classic 1B, 2B, OF 727-480-8512 45+/55+ mark_inman@yahoo.com
Rob Shollar Fall Classic Fort Worth MSBL OF, 2B 407-325-8824 50+ rshollar@sbcglobal.net
Matt Connolly Fall Classic Bux-Mont MSBL RF, CF, LF 610-392-7020 45+ matt.connolly3@gmail.com
Tony Rizzatto Fall Classic Tulsa MSBL Any 918-810-5719 55+ torizz@yahoo.com
Larry Hernandez Fall Classic 1B, 3B 786-253-9961 35+ hernandezdesk@yahoo.com
PC Cabrera Fall Classic P, 2B, 1B 305-794-5175 50+ kendallmetz@bellsouth.net
Fermin Colon Fall Classic 1B 585-469-5477 50+ fermincolon@gmail.com
Tony Rizzatto Fall Classic Metro Tulsa MSBL OF 918-810-5719 55+ torizz@yahoo.com
Ken Proctor Fall Classic C, INF, OF 727-505-3795 45+ kwproc55@gmail.com
Jason Parry Fall Classic 3B, SS, 2B, P 45+ jason.j.parry@gmail.com
Joseph Krasnoselsky Fall Classic Atlanta MABL 1B 352-286-4361 25+ joeykrasnoselsky190@gmail.com
Don Cutlip Fall Classic All but C 859-893-7293 60+ nubaker@yahoo.com
Jose Jimenez Fall Classic Savannah MSBL INF, P, C 912-656-8977 35+ josejiminezthillet@hotmail.com
Criag Bollman Fall Classic 2B, 3B, P 618-381-0062 45+ craigbollman@hotmail.com
Juan Cantu Fall Classic Houston MSBL 1B, P 713-498-6927 35+ juancantujr@yahoo.com
Timothy Tolbert Fall Classic C 260-715-5836 35+ timothy_tolbert12@outlook.com
Jerry Sillivan Fall Classic North Texas MSBL P, OF 817-360-2010 35+ jsilivan29@gmail.com
Tony Plicka Fall Classic OF, 2B 414-426-8205 45+/55+ tonyplicka7@yahoo.com
Philip Echevarrio Fall Classic Long Island MSBL 2B, 3B, RP 631-241-4996 45+ pe1225@yahoo.com
Ashby Castillo Fall Classic Syracuse MSBL INF, OF 315-313-1475 18+ ashbycastillo@icloud.com
James Caruso Fall Classic OF 316-201-7312 45+ lethalius@gmail.com
Marlon Villaurrutia Fall Classic Syracuse MSBL INF, OF 315-396-2934 18+ marlonsardi@outlook.com
Earl Myers Fall Classic Bux-Mont MSBL INF, OF 610-715-5876 45+ emcubed0505@gmail.com
Jason Svejkovsky Fall Classic Jacksonville MABL P, 3B 904-563-3884 18+ jsvejko@gmail.com
Pedro Rivera Fall Classic Houston MSBL 1B, OF 832-452-5772 35+ pjr228@gmail.com
Stephen McClure Fall Classic 3B, P 905-308-1902 50+ mespowder@cogeeco.ca
Steven Fisher Fall Classic Sacramento MSBL P, INF, OF 916-203-3717 50+ railroader769@yahoo.com
Harold Baquedano Fall Classic Atlanta MSBL C, 1B, 3B, OF 305-878-2942 35+ hbquedano9@yahoo.com
Ashby Castillo Fall Classic Syracuse MSBL INF, OF 315-313-1475 25+ ashbycastillo@gmail.com
Rowlan Hill Desert Classic Phoenix MSBL 1B, OF 818-852-3702 45+ basehit1963@gmail.com
Bill Sachelari Holiday Classic Long Island MSBL OF 732-543-4525 45+ bill4431@yahoo.com
Matt Altieri Holiday Classic Bux-Mont MSBL SS, 3B, 2B 610-724-4368 35+ matty7@comcast.net
Todd Taylor Holiday Classic Indianapolis MSBL C, 3B, 1B 35+ toddyace@gmail.com
Rick Acosta Holiday Classic INF 862-621-7784 45+ waterfront2015@gmail.com
Omar Ortiz Holiday Classic Boston MSBL 1B, 2B 617-543-0590 25+ omarortiz15@gmail.com
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