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Below is the Player Pool list for all of our national tournaments. Contact players directly if you'd like to consider them for your team. Names are automatically removed after each tournament is finished.

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Name Tournament League Position Phone Age Group Email
Lee Buelt World Series Portland, OR MSBL P, 3B, 2B, SS, 1B, OF 503-816-3395 55+ lrbuelt@yahoo.com
Owen Smith World Series SS, 2B 603-315-0900 60+ owenjsmith@comcast.net
Dennis Huitt World Series Sacramento MSBL P, OF 530-908-4002 Father/Son dennismichael34@yahoo.com
Marc Sewell World Series Tucson MSBL P, OF, 1B 520-954-9322 60+ deede6280@g.com
Porfirio Urbalejo World Series Tucson MSBL OF, 2B, 1B, C 520-288-0008 35+ purbalejo3@gmail.com
Chris Lopez World Series Tucson MSBL C, 3B, P 25+ bigmikeace@gmail.com
Sebastian Gallegos World Series Fresno MSBL 2B, SS, 3B 559-618-0903 18+ sebastiancbassgallegos@gmail.com
Jacob Sporn World Series Long Island MSBL 2B, SS 516-852-7108 18+ spornjacob@gmail.com
Jim McGrath World Series Acadiana MSBL INF, C 317-446-2466 55+ mcsarge99@yahoo.com
Nic Hawkins World Series Fresno MSBL 2B, OF 559-389-3635 18+ hawkins.nic89@hotmail.com
Abel Burgos World Series Tucson MSBL 1B, P, RF 714-461-9462 25+ abelburgos@ymail.com
Joel Brockman World Series Tucson MSBL 1B, P, LF 520-999-0079 25+ joel_brockmann@yahoo.com
Peter Parillo World Series Tucson MSBL C, SS, 2B 602-446-5145 25+ peterparillo@gmail.com
Dustin Olson World Series 406-231-9003 35+ dustinrolson.80@gmail.com
Riley Baptiste World Series Acadiana MSBL OF, 1B 405-426-0918 35+ riley.bap@outlook.com
Greg Wilson World Series Detroit MSBL C, OF 313-622-4876 45+ gwilson409@gmail.com
Stephen Peck World Series Los Angeles MSBL OF, 1B 310-357-1035 35+ stevepeck2001@yahoo.com
David Cameron World Series C, 2B, RF 843-446-1706 60+ highlanderdjc1@gmail.com
Harlan Ackerson World Series NE Wisconsin MSBL P, C, INF 870-436-2795 73+ sonnyj@southshore.com
Ken Friedrich World Series New Mexico MSBL P 505-285-8999 45+ knuxie35@hotmail.com
Jared Stimpson World Series SS, 2B, 1B, P 307-677-2865 45+ jaredstimpson@hotmail.com
David Alexander World Series Arizona MSBL P, DH, INF 480-709-8566 35+ naubaseball99@yahoo.com
Daniel Zamora World Series P, OF, INF 909-997-1525 Father/Son / 45+ danielzamora75@gmail.com
Russell Rodrigues World Series OF 714-329-8845 55+ nabaoc@yahoo.com
Steve/Zack Peek World Series INF, OF, P, C 907-388-2396 Father/Son stephenpeek@yahoo.com
Todd Rehanek World Series C, INF 910-599-5260 55+ toddroe05@yahoo.com
Mike Fedikovich World Series Connecticut North MSBL SS, 2B, 3B 860-710-3536 35+ mikefedikovich@gmail.com
Joseph Johnson World Series C, 2B, 3B, SS 630-930-4285 25+ johnston.jc23@gmail.com
Michael Brazeau World Series Chicago North MSBL OF, INF, UT 847-347-0143 35+ brazeau_michael@yahoo.com
Marc Stirnaman World Series St. Louis MSBL C, CF, 2B, P 618-443-7977 50+
Mike Dreyfus World Series Connecticut North MSBL C, INF, OF 860-912-2355 45+ dreydays24@yahoo.com
Ramon Marquez World Series San Diego North MSBL 3B, 2B, SS 619-816-7511 35+ rmarquez@aaconfiae.com
Alan/Blair Grove World Series 1B, 2B, OF 780-487-3157 Father/Son draagrove@yahoo.com
Joaquin Hernandez World Series C, 3B 325-277-4582 45+ jhernandez1972@gmail.com
Daniel Zamora World Series P, OF, INF Father/Son / 45+ danielzamora75@gmail.com
Russell Rodrigues World Series OF 714-329-8845 55+ nabaoc@yahoo.com
Gary Kelly World Series P, C, SS, CF 763-786-5680 Father/Son g22dog22@gmail.com
Jack Schuster World Series Penn Mid State MSBL P, 3B, 1B 814-353-8111 60+ doctorfun21@yahoo.com
Ivan Lanier World Series Delaware MSBL INF 410-490-1309 60+ ilanier@greenwillgroup.com
Lloyd Barzell World Series SS, 2B 520-248-1653 65+ lbarzell@gmail.com
Wayne Nichols World Series San Diego North MSBL P, 2B, 3B 619-733-2840 70+ desertdogs0884@cox.net
Brendan McGlynn World Series P, 3B, LF, RF 704-437-1071 18+ bmtheprodigy@gmail.com
Tom Marsella World Series Fresno MSBL 2B, 1B, OF 559-281-8181 70+ marsellatom@aol.com
Steve Schufeldt World Series Arizona MSBL OF 602-931-1475 65+/70+ shovel32@cox.net
Jose Fox World Series Chicago Midwest MABL 3B, 2B, SS 773-988-1163 35+ foxj545@robertmorris.edu
Brandon Merrill World Series P, 3B 843-941-3291 18+ nospinfloater@gmail.com
Rodrigo Driscoll World Series SS, 3B, 2B, P, OF 65+ phoenix68@windstream.net
Arnold Thrower World Series Sacramento MSBL SS, 2B, 3B 916-893-9410 35+ akthrower@sbcglobal.net
Juan Arreola World Series OF, 1B, LHP 909-472-2381 25+ juano3110@msn.com
James Fleming World Series Puget Sound MSBL C, 3B, P 425-743-2341 70+ fleming_jm@hotmail.com
Zach Galante World Series P, C, INF, OF 215-869-7163 Father/Son zg230c@gmail.com
Jack Galante World Series 1B, 2B, P, OF 215-886-2346 65+ jgal99@hotmail.com
Steve Cooper World Series P, C, 2B, 3B, RF, LF 623-703-8133 18+ coopersteven89@gmail.com
Robert Naman World Series San Antonio MSBL OF, INF 830-792-4761 65+ rdnaman@yahoo.com
Darlan Brin World Series P, OF, INF 340-690-0958 70+ brin.darlan@yahoo.com
Tracy Yamamoto / Aaron Hurt World Series Arizona MSBL P, CC, C, OF 480-216-3684 Father/Son tracyy@casinoaz.com
Larry Campbell World Series LHP, 1B, OF 616-902-3122 35+ coachcampbell@rocketmail.com
Eben Ham World Series OF 310-428-0609 55+ ebenham@verizon.net
Tom Shess World Series San Diego North MSBL C, INF 619-291-9807 73+ thomas.shess@gmail.com
Tim Reid World Series P 760-914-3969 55+ reid1882@gmail.com
Bill Brewer World Series OF 941-539-3723 60+ billb21357@yahoo.com
Steve Bisbikis World Series San Diego North MSBL INF 73+ sbisbikis@aol.com
Rafael Alayon World Series P 360-298-3193 25+ alayonrafa@gmail.com
Steven Gagnon World Series So Cal MSBL UT, 3B, SS, OF 818-259-5512 65+ smagnon@earthlink.net
David Weitzel World Series Los Angeles MSBL INF, OF 310-418-3628 45+ southbaybulls@yahoo.com
Mike Loyd World Series UT 430-325-7306 55+ loyd693@aol.com
Steve Lewis World Series OF, 1B 732-598-7117 70+ onlybaseball@optonline.net
Jonathan Blake World Series Detroit MSBL CF, SS, 2B 313-493-4978 18+ jonb92212@gmail.com
Jake Strode World Series CF 618-660-2800 18+ jakestrode24@gmail.com
Todd Harman World Series 2B, OF, 3B, SS 714-642-3677 45+ todharman1@gmail.com
Joel Cuellar World Series Austin MSBL 3B, 1B 512-259-3440 Father/Son joel.cuellar2@gmail.com
Dalys Meza World Series P 60+ dmezap@gmail.com
Rob Raynor World Series P, SS, 2B 416-573-5809 45+ raynor@remyeng.com
Dion Owens World Series P, DH 35+ dionowens58@gmail.com
Juan Lapez World Series LI Midweek MSBL P, OF, 1B, 3B 917-539-0572 55+ jhawkeye62@aol.com
Jim Brake World Series Detroit MSBL RF, 1B 734-502-8335 70+ jimbff61@att.net
Kevin Akers World Series Puget Sound MSBL 3B, 2B, 1B, P 425-210-6350 55+ shoolessjo@yahoo.com
Vince Pitre World Series Arizona MSBL LHP, OF 602-770-7694 50+ vjpitre63@yahoo.com
Khaja Mohammed World Series 919-786-3555 18+ fareeduddin96@gmail.com
Bill McGrath World Series Los Angeles MSBL 2B, 3B 818-926-2125 18+ mrbill_22@yahoo.com
Chuck DeNoewer World Series Charlottesville MABL P, C, INF, OF 804-937-0161 35+ bambamlegend45@gmail.com
Jose Martinez World Series Tri State MSBL 3B, SS 732-213-8848 45+ t_mtz4@yahoo.com
Justo Rodriguez Fall Classic P, SS, 2B 307-406-6102 50/55++ justo3@gmail.com
Rodney Lambert Fall Classic Chicago Central MSBL OF, 1B 708-698-0557 45+ bigrodney60411@aol.com
David Cameron Fall Classic C, 2B, RF, DH 843-446-1706 55+ highlanderjc1@gmail.com
Glenn Triest Fall Classic Detroit MSBL 1B, OF 248-514-9307 55+ glenn@triestphotographic.com
Bob Willoughby Fall Classic P 239-400-2961 55+ ray221gun@yahoo.com
Mike Ferraro Fall Classic Capital District MSBL C 914-388-1243 55+ mf1515@aol.com
Luis Gomez Fall Classic Connecticut North MSBL OF, C, 3B 203-535-6930 35+ lgenterprises1027@gmail.com
Lermih Mendez Fall Classic OF 55+ coinmeca2001@hotmail.com
Robert Morton Fall Classic Long Island MSBL OF 631-806-2675 55+ footdoc1019@aol.com
Doug Gardner Fall Classic P, C, SS, 2B, 3B 850-445-8966 35+/45+ indoorfountains@gmail.com
Marc Sewell Fall Classic Tucson MSBL P, OF, 1B 520-954-9322 50+ deede6280@gmail.com
Tyler Quintana Fall Classic Boston MSBL SS, 2B, C, P 650-445-9007 25+ roll.tide44@yahoo.com
Anthony Cozzitorto Fall Classic Houston MSBL 2B, 3B, P 832-458-6969 35+ anthonycozzitorto@gmail.com
Eduardo Mendoza Fall Classic Venezuela 3B, C 45+ transporte24dejulio@hotmail.com
Jeff Dylan Fall Classic LI Midweek MSBL 2B, OF 631-848-9020 25+ jeffdra@usa.net
Randy Bottner Fall Classic Savannah MSBL SS, P 912-704-6464 60+ randybottner@icloud.com
Jason Svejkovsky Fall Classic Jacksonville MABL P, 1B, OF 904-563-3884 25+ jsvejko@gmail.com
Luis Maldonado Fall Classic Chicago Central MSBL OF 787-510-1283 35+ maldonadoluisangel@yahoo.com
Jon Finifter Fall Classic 2B, 3B, 1B 410-236-0331 60+ jonfinifter@gmail.com
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