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    I am sure most of you are aware of the college and high school baseball rulings regarding aluminum bats.

    Therefore, commencing in 2013, MSBL/MABL will be complying with similar restrictions in banning the use of "aluminum” bats as we have known them for many years.

    Allowable bats in 2013 will now include:

    1. Wood
    2. Composite Wood
    3. BBCOR Aluminum Bats (Bats must have BBCOR printed on the label)


    This will be effective starting for the January, 2013 Desert Classic and Holiday Classic tournaments.

    MSBL National will make every effort during the year to bring the best priced BBCOR, Wood and Composite Wood Bats through weekly specials.

    So we are clear on this issue, each individual league in the MSBL/MABL has their own autonomy regarding rules, number of games, time limits, etc. and of course in regard to wood bats vs. aluminum bats.

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